Turkcell, Samsung make first 5G experience in Turke

Turkish mobile network giant Turkcell and South Korea’s leading appliance manufacturer Samsung organized an event to use 5G technology in Turkey for the first time, Turkcell said on Monday.

In the event, attendants experienced 5G through ultra HD 4k live broadcast, cloud-base games and 360-degree cameras with Samsung’s wireless access technology and Turkcell’s substructure.

Two companies have signed a letter of goodwill to collaborate on 5G technology in Turkey, in the last February.

Turkcell’s CEO Kaan Terzioglu said the GSM operator continues to collaborate with international technology giants to use the latest technologies in Turkey.

“Our target is that Turkey is among the top countries in the world with 5G technology,” Terzioglu asserted.

He added that 5G is not only a communication technology but also a basis of digital transformation in several sectors such as automotive, agriculture and medicine.

5G refers to the fifth generation, high-speed mobile wireless standard technology.

Samsung, which planned to invest $22 billion in 5G, artificial intelligence, automotive and biological medicines in the next three years, announced first commercial 5G solutions last week.

Turkcell spearheaded GSM-based mobile communication in Turkey when it started operations in 1994.

Since then, it has continuously expanded its services based on mobile, audio and data communication.

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