Muslims and the Making of America

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A must read, published by Baylor University Press, is a book compressed of facts that helps eliminate myths and stereotypes related to American Muslims.

Amir Hussain, considered as one of the most leading scholars and teachers of Islam in America, who himself is an American Muslim, argues that Muslims played a pertinent role in the formulation and cultivation of the United States.

Hussain attempts to prove that the rise of Islamophobia and the events that led up to it are essentially extraneous to Islam and Muslims. Published in August 2017, the author states “There has never been an America without Muslims.”

The rise of global terrorism and popular stereotypes after September 11 have been a source of concern for American Muslims. His book points out that this apprehension is incorrectly placed and that Islam is not a new religion to America rather is has helped shape American life. He explains how some books and publications written on similar issues have inaccurately catered to stereotypes.

Hussain narrates the history of muslims in America starting from the medieval times and presents examples of Muslims in America such as Muhammad Ali, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Shaquille O’Neal and Ice Cube (O’Shea Jackson Sr.) that have contributed considerably to American culture, arts, sports and music and should thus be recognized accordingly.

Hi Jolly, or Hadji Ali is yet another figure mentioned by Hussain in his book who later on was known as Phillip Tedro. Born with Syrian heritage and Turkish Ottoman roots, he was one of the first camel drivers in Arizona, who later rose highly in popularity and was then hired in the US Army.

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