Islamophobia: The Obsession of Digital Games

Muslim characters in some game series are portrayed as the bad guys.

By Erol Karadogan

Islamophobia obsessions, -which corrupted the humanity in several fields (predominantly in media)- is mainly targeting children and young people with Islamophobic digital games. Islamophobia advocates who have made young people to addict these games, are trying to portray Muslims as pro-violence in these games such as terrorists who enjoy killing people. Islamophobia, which has become the obsession of these games by using all the possibilities of technology, continues to disrupt the humanity by doing evil to the whole world. This disease, which is spreading like a virus to every part of society, is also threatening vulnerable children and young people with these digital games.

The widespread use of technology in social life, especially in communication, makes it easier to spread hate speeches and otherization. Islamophobia, which manifests itself in many fields, particularly in the media, with hateful, discriminatory, exclusionary and hostile behaviors against Islam and Muslims, is rapidly increasing in digital games exactly like a phenomenon. Digital games, where Islamophobic themes which are widely utilized, are rapidly spreading as an entertainment tool for both children and adults with computers and advanced games consoles.

Digital games are becoming more effective tools than other media, videos and movies by incorporating the person playing with the interactive feature. Moreover the simulators that the people play as the hero of the game are now being commercialized and served. In these games, players get excited by playing the game in person, rejoice in success or feel sad by losing. The players sometimes get greedy, sometimes they can hurt the environment by getting angry. It can be understood by looking at the effects of how the games are designed with lots of effort, which can cause so much change in people's emotions and behaviors.

Islamophobia is processed directly in some of the digital games and indirectly in some of them. The aim is to create anti-Muslim behavior. Thus, hate and hostile attitudes in the players exposed to Islamophobic content can spread rapidly in the internet.

Undoubtedly, digital games have an important role in children's mental, physical, social and cultural development. But, Islamophobic games which contain hatred and violence during the formation of the personality and social identity in children, causes the human sensitivities in the society to disappear rapidly. And it leads to a generation who is disrespectful, impatient, incompatible, causing trouble and unable to control the anger within.

Digital games create addictions in players with various motivations. In researches, it is determined that these are mostly the desire to succeed in socialization and to create a new world for themselves. In the beginning these games enter people's lives as a form of stress, relief and relaxation in their free time. The games played in this way elaborate some skills and achievements in the lessons. But in people who became addicted, it is observed that there are many other harmful effects such as hostile feelings, violence tendency and sadism, depression, anxiety, pornography tendency, sleep disorder and obesity.

A Research shows that the rise of anti-Muslims hate incidents caused by Islamophobic digital games in the United States. In particular, the number of attacks and mass murders carried out with pump rifles has been increasing day by day.


The world's most played and selling record-breaking games flowing blood, broken bones, broken limbs, decadent bodies, cut or torn heads, zombies, horrific aliens, drugs, mafias, fights, weapon, thieves, magicians, prostitutes and many other negative contents are included. It is possible to make propaganda for the adoption of a culture, a race, a religion, an ideology, a political opinion through digital games. But the opposite is possible too. İslamophobic digital games are sometimes in such a way are designed to match Muslims to terrorism, sometimes by identifying them with barbarity, hypocrisy or lust, and sometimes ridiculing elements that are attributed to holiness in Islam.

All these negative contents in digital games are matched with live bombing actions and head-breaking images of terrorist organizations claiming that they carried out activities on behalf of Islam, such as DAESH, al-Qaeda and Boko Haram. As a result, attacks on mosques and Muslims, anti-Islamic protests, marches, harassment, and acts occur in the US and European countries.

Comments of the Players

According to non-Muslim players, Muslims are backward and Islam is an outdated religion. While other religions were able to keep up with modern times hundreds of years ago, Muslims did not make any effort. Therefore, Muslims are terrorists. It's a suicide bomber. He burns the world for jihad. Islam is never a religion of peace. An Islamophobic game-lover saying "Islam is the most peaceful religion of the world, and if you do not accept it, they will come to kill you" that it shows a cynical approach.

The hatred of Muslims has also been included in the 2016 United States political elections. The rhetoric in the elections manifests itself in the comments of the games. There are so many comments about it, such as: Trump’s “Make America Great Again” motto with the #gotrumpgo and #killallmuslims hashtags, that says the votes should be given to Trump to provide All Muslims to “get the hell out” of America.

A player saying about that the game where Muslims are hostile "oh, very good. I wish there was a different hostile in every part of the game." For example: Part 1: Muslims, Part 2: Mexicans, Part 3: Negroes, Part 4: Chinese filths, etc. saying that actually desires a game where almost all the world's citizens, except for their race, have been killed.

Some players also recommend that these games be played at a very young age, so that they can learn how dangerous Islam and Muslims are, so that future generations can hold on to their traditions. According to game lovers, Muslims should adopt their culture if they want to live with them, and they should live like them or get out:

"This is our home, if you won't accept our culture, f**k off. We don't need you…."

On the other hand, actually there is no need for Islamophobic games. Because, already that is made by western in the Muslim countries, as reality.

A player, "Why did they need such a game? Already there is no daily massacre in Muslim countries? Another player, "Do you know what the actual irony is? Americans and Jews are already doing the massacre as real." said in comments of game.

It should be known by all the world that those who portray themselves as terrorist and pro-violent Islamic organizations are actually the toys of these game makers.

Muslims are aware of all the aims of Islamophobia obsession. And the only Muslims can be obstacle corrupt of societies with digital games.


The following Islamophobic games reveal enough of the size of brutality*:


This video game is based on playing a musical instrument on a stage with players in a concert form.

Played by millions of users, this game features players jumping with joy on a stage and dance on the Arabic phrase Allah. This horrific act proves that derogatory images towards Islam are embedded in video games on purpose.


As the 3rd generation edition of a world’s-famous third person game, this one uses the magnificent gate of Kaaba, which is the sacred home of Muslims and the qibla of Islam, as a symbol of entrance to a demonic tower.

The video game companies obviously try to impose demonized ideas on people. It is not impossible to think that such companies are not aware of what they are doing, Illuminati experts indicate that they are a fruit of a professional team effort.


The game is a 3rd person progressive action game.

The gate of the Prophet Muhammad's tomb is depicted as the great entrance gate that the zombies use before they attack.


The game is a 3rd person progressive action game. In Turkey, it is in top five and in top ten in the world. The company's annual revenue is almost 3 billion dollars.

One of the scenes is in the library. All the books are on the shelves but the "Quran" is on the floor.


It is a 1st person attack and marksmanship game. It is selected as the best game of 2007 not only in Turkey but also in the world. The annual revenue is around 14 billion dollars.

In a toilet of a ruined house, there is a frame, embellished with Hadith (the prophet Muhammad's sayings/deeds) right on a very dirty closet. It is written in Arabic in the frame that "Allah is beautiful and loves the beautiful ones".

Upon heavy reactions, the game is updated and this image is removed.


It is a 1st person attack and marksmanship game. It is selected as the best game of 2007 not only in Turkey but also in the world. The annual revenue is around 14 billion dollars.

In the game, on Chapter 4 - The Battle of El Alamein, one of the emphasized scenes is the collapse of the minaret by the airplane attacks.


It is a 1st person marksmanship game.

The governments of Pakistan and Afghanistan banned the games of Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 and Medal Of Honor: Warfighter across the country. The cause of this ban is that the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan are being introduced as the terrorists.

The government authorities stated as follows;

"The government of Pakistan has always boycotted such films and games. These games are against the national integrity and solidarity of our country. The games of Medal Of Honor: Warfighter and Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 are produced against Pakistan, that's why we banned them across the country. We have warned the stores regarding this issue and told them if they sold the games, they would bear the consequences."

In the game, Muslims use the technology as a threat to the future of the world and there are many Arabic phrases such as "Allah" and "Muhammad".


Counter Strike, which is a worldwide-known sniper game based on conflicts between soldiers and terrorists, portrays terrorist screaming "Allahu Akbar" and "La ilahe illallah" when they get injured or die.

Such articulation, which is portrayed in a way to point to the so-called relation between Islam and terrorism, was removed through an update by the video game producers upon the intensive reaction from the Islamic world.


It is game of fighting against the aliens invading the world and rescuing the world.

In the game, the engravings and inscriptions on the Prophet Ali's tomb are designed in the same way and some creatures emerge from the tomb.



The game is based on killing and surviving with one person.

In the game, Hadith is written in Arabic on a place where the devil attacks the main character.


It is a game based on killing the evil characters moving together with the pirate and a monkey.

In the game, characters are dancing around a golden treasure in flames. When they hear the voice of "Allahu Ekber", the characters prostrate themselves before the treasure.

Upon heavy reactions, the game is updated and this sound effect is removed with an official declaration.


It is a music based game in which different characters, musical instruments and stages are used and the character is made to dance.

The Holy Quran is used as a platform which the characters step on.


It is an individual "arcade" type game based on killing and destroying.

The players are asked to kill Muslims and at the end of the game to kill the prophet Muhammad.


Players, flying the plane over the Gazanias, used to score points by leaving a bomb on the innocent civilians. Upon the reactions, this game was removed from Google Play.


It is a fighting game played in a variation mode (Tag).

In the scene of the game in Saudi Arabia, it is written "Allah (C.C)" on the ground where the fighters stand. Although the company announced that updated the game and removed this detail upon the heavy reactions of Muslims, it is still seen in the last version (DLC).


Little Big Planet (LBP) is a platform type game developed for the PlayStation 3.

The game granted the award of "Game of the Year" in 2008 by many institutions.

In the game, "Every living thing will die one day" (ANKEBUT-57) and "Every living thing will disappear"(RAHMAN-26) verses are presented verbally as the background music. Despite the delay of its distribution in many places, this version of game has been issued. Upon the heavy reactions of Muslims, the company removed the music from the game and from the soundtrack album with an official declaration.


It's a strategy game of the Command Conquer series.

In the game, there are three groups, named as America, China and GLA. GLA is an Islamic terrorist organization. While the other two countries are depicted as having normal and modern technologies, this group, called GLA is depicted as a suicide bomber using chemical weapons, conducting assassinations and sabotages.


It appeared before the referendum in the country on the minarets.

It was developed in Switzerland.

The game is based on bombing the minarets. There are bearded muezzins wearing fez hats over the minarets.


The game is about the fight of religious characters. While the religious characters are fictionalized, the image of The Prophet Muhammad is used in the game.

Upon the reactions, the company did not remove the game but added the censored version. It is still possible to play the game on the company’s own website.

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