Swastika graffiti near San Jose dentist office investigated as hate crime

A terrifying message of hate was found Monday morning by a South Bay dentist outside her office in San Jose.

Dr.Mohsena Ahmad found racist swastika symbols around her dental office parking lot on Union Avenue in the Cambrian district when she arrived Monday morning.
“Of course, I am shocked and hurt by this,” Dr. Mohsena Ahmad said.

“I was stunned, I was shaken. I was also petrified,” she said. “And I felt targeted because my last name people can easily recognize I am a Muslim.”

Ahmad found the symbols right after she moved into her San Jose office three months ago. The scrawled symbols included a swastika and KKK letters.

Meanwhile, Ahmad called the police immediately after she saw the signs, who are now investigating the incident that happened at Mohsena Dentist Practice on Camden and Union Avenues as hate crime.

“I am appalled by this because San Jose is a very diverse community, and I feel this is not only a threat to me but a threat to the entire community,” Dr. Ahmad said.

“If you are a minority, be a little more vigilant but don’t be afraid,” Ahmad said. “This is my country. I am an American, and I’m not going anywhere. I won’t be stopped by this.”

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