Grieving Kurdish families speak out against luxury lifestyles of HDP leaders’ families

More families whose sons were abducted by the PKK terrorist group have been joining the sit-in protest in front of the provincial office of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) in southeastern Diyarbakır province. All of them are accusing the party’s leaders of sacrificing regular people’s children while providing luxurious lives for their own kids. “They kidnapped my children to the mountains, while their children have a luxurious life in France,” said Celil Begdaş, who asserted that his 17-year-old son Yusuf was brought to the PKK with the assistance of the HDP. Begdaş showed photos of party Co-chair Pervin Buldan’s son in a luxury car in Paris.

Another photo showed Buldan’s daughter sitting in a cafe in London. Previously, photos of Buldan’s son, Neçirvan, showed him resting near a villa swimming pool. The HDP co-chair’s daughter, Zelal, reportedly got her college education at Royal Holloway University in the U.K. capital. “I never saw France in my life; I don’t even have a bicycle. I will stand here to death until they bring my son," Begdaş said. The number of families that have joined the sit-in protests has reached 10 following the example of Hacire Akar, who launched a similar sit-in on Aug. 22 near the HDP's office in Diyarbakır. Akar's protest ended in success as her son, Mehmet, was brought back just two days later. Her determination has become a source of inspiration for others. Other families who claim that their sons were also abducted by the PKK have joined the protest in the past few days.

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