Erdogan: UNSC ‘standing idle to oppressions in world’

The UN Security Council currently serves the interests of five permanent members holding veto rights, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Tuesday.

The five members of the Council, the U.S, Russia, China, France and Britain, are “standing idle to the oppressions in other parts of the world," Erdogan said in his address to the 73rd session of UN General Assembly.

The Turkish president has long advocated for reforming the structure of the Security Council, pushing the motto, "The world is bigger than five."

Erdogan said the UN has carried out work and achieved considerable successes over its 73-year history.

"However, it is also a fact that over time the United Nations moved away from meeting the expectations of humanity for peace and welfare," he added.

Erdogan said past "massacres" in Bosnia, Rwanda and Somalia, recent ones in Myanmar and ongoing ones in Palestine, have all taken place before the eyes of the Security Council.

"Those who do not raise their voices against the oppression of the Palestinians, their efforts even to reduce assistance for them, are only increasing the courage of the oppressors," he added, referring to the recent U.S. decision to cut aid to the UN agency for Palestinian refugees.

Turkey will continue to stand with the "oppressed" Palestinians and will protect the historical and legal status of Jerusalem, Erdogan said.

He underscored there needs to be "comprehensive reform" in the structure and functioning of the UN, particularly the Security Council.

'World bigger than 5'

"And we believe that when we say ‘the world is bigger than five,’ we become the voice of the common conscience of humanity," Erdogan said.

 Limiting the reform of the UN to the budget only will neither contribute to the solution of real problems nor make anybody happy, he said.

The president added there is a need for increasing UN efficiency "which I find very important for the future of the world, on its fundamental areas of duty which are security, development and social equality."

"When the assets of the wealthiest 62 people in the world amount to the assets of the half of world’s population of 3.6 billion people, this means there is a problem," Erdogan said.

He called for establishing a new global system at the UN that will be the voice of implementer of humankind’s expectation for justice.

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