Far-right terrorist gun attack kills 9 in Germany

A German far-right extremist killed nine migrants in a shooting spree on Wednesday night in the western town of Hanau, authorities have confirmed.

Peter Frank, Germany’s chief federal prosecutor, told reporters on Thursday that all nine of the victims targeted by the gunman in two cafes in the center of Hanau were people with migrant backgrounds.

Turkish officials have confirmed that five of them were Turkish nationals.

Frank said six more people were injured in the shooting spree on Wednesday night, with one still in critical condition.

Gunman left behind a manifesto

Germany’s Bild daily reported that security forces identified the gunman as 43-year-old Tobias R. from Hanau.

He posted a manifesto and several videos on the internet detailing his xenophobic views and plans for ethnic cleansing.

Frank confirmed that the initial findings in the investigation showed the suspect had deeply racist views, and believed in various absurd conspiracy theories.

He did not have a criminal record, but authorities are now investigating his possible contacts with far-right groups in Germany and abroad, Frank added.

Suspect and mother found shot dead

Tobias R. and his 72-year-old mother were found dead at their apartment in Hanau, following a raid by a special operations team in the early hours Thursday.

As Germany’s chief federal prosecutor has taken over the investigation authorities have identified “xenophobic motives” behind the attack, saying they will treat the case as a terrorist act.

Hanau is located around 20 kilometers (12 miles) east of Frankfurt and has a population of nearly 100,000, including more than 15,000 people with migrant backgrounds.

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