Rare white sparrow seen in Turkish capital

A rare white sparrow, also known as “partially albino” due to the pigmentation in its eyes and part of wing, was seen in Turkish capital.

The bird was first photographed by Emin Yogurtcuoglu, a Turkish wildlife expert and bird observer, last year.

It was also seen this year in Altinpark, one of the biggest public park in Ankara, together with its pair and other sparrows.

Yogurtcuoglu, who has been observing birds in 60 countries, told Anadolu Agency that the sparrow has been living in the park since a year.

He explained that the bird is called partial albino because of “the blackness of its eyes and the pigmentation in a very small point on its wing,” noting that every white bird could not be called as albino.

“It always has a normal-looking pair, who never leaves its side. They've been together since last year,” he added.

Yogurtcuoglu also said that white sparrow could not last long in the nature, as they are easy target for predatory animals.

“It's [the white sparrow] a pretty good-looking one, who's managed to survive,” he said.

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