Forum USA is opening a new chapter 

2017 was a difficult year for both Turkey-US relations and Turkish Americans in Northern America.
Following the July 15 coup attempt in 2016, US became one of the main targets by Turkey considering that it provided a safe havean to the leader of the terror group FETO in the state of Pennsylvania. Despite Turkey’s request for his extradition, US claims that it is a judicial process.
Furthermore, Pentagon's support for YPG, that is linked to Syria's PKK’s is seen as a major threat to Turkish territory by Ankara. Despite Turkey’s warning, Washington continues to arm them in their fight against another terror group DEASH.
These aforementioned issues were already a reason for crises between the two countries when the recent move by Turkey arresting a US embassy employee, Metin Topuz, that Ankara argued was a part of FETO group, turned the cold war between the two countries into a diplomatic crises, resulting in a closure of visas services in the respective countries. After a number of months of suspended visa services, it was only last month that both countries restored normal procedures for visa services.
Throughout this period of time, there were only a few English based media outlets that were lending a voice to Turkish people. Subsequently, Forum USA now aims in providing a new platform of communication for American Turkish relations.
Forum USA began it’s journey 14 years ago with the hope of being a medium for Turkish Americans to express their opinions. Without having any funding other than what was received by means of advertising, the news outlet persevered in Turkish based reporting.
Forum USA can thus be considered as a pioneer in US for Turkish American people. It’s monthly publication reaches the masses in over 40 states. Moreover, recently the New York based CUNY Graduate School of Journalism awarded Forum USA for its newspaper design.
As of 2018, Forum USA has decided to expand its English based reporting with the hope of bridging the gap between Turkey and US. Forum USA will be reporting not only on daily politics and culture, but will also be a platform for young academicians who wish to publish their op-eds on our “global opinion” section. Interviews with leading as well as upcoming scholars, academicians and the like will also be documented. Finally, Forum USA will also be publishing reviews on books focusing mostly on US-Turkey relations, culture, and politics in the Middle East. It also looks forward to reader contributions enabling them to express their opinions and thus broaden the spectrum of news reporting.

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