An overview on Turkish foreign policy orientation in 2017

The last two years was very challenging for the security and foreign policy of Turkey. However 2017 was ascending year accomplishing Turkey some substantial results in the most critical points, because Turkey showed very prudential approaches in accordance with newly establishing World order. However the new foreign policy vision adopted by Turkey always leads to new gains and acquirements. All of them are produced by the rational ground, realistic, factual and away from being discourse.

Euphrate Shield was certainly primary parameter which demonstrates that Turkey is able to negotiate with Russia and push DEASH out of Turkish frontiers, blocked the PYD/YPG terrorist corridor. Thus, Turkey removed the most serious national security challenge aiming to inactivate her by cutting all relations with the Middle East and neighboring countries and changing the pipe-lines of energy. PKK as a domestic terrorist organization was radically eradicated accompanying with the comprehensive struggle in Idlib and by encircling Afrin in order to obliterate PYD/YPG as one of the most bloody terrorist organization of the World. Astana Summit was one of the most considerable steps taken by the strategic alliance of Turkey, Iran and Russia. It was the alternative and in a way complementary part of Geneva in respect of diplomatic bargaining.

In Qatar crises were displayed a balanced approach both by invalidating the malignant operation and by not struggling with Saudi Arabia. Moreover Turkey achieved to set up a base there without leading any confusion.  When Barzani attempted to campaign a referenda for the sake of establishing an independent Kurdish state, this discriminatory and separatist policy was invalidated again in cooperation with Iraq and Iran. Thus, Iraqi politics was rescued from having constrained by the narrow-minded vision of Barzani. In Jerusalem (al-quds) case, Turkey gained a rarely recorded   accomplishment within the diplomatic history by totally mobilizing Islamic World against the American insolence. Turkey isolated the USA before the United Nations by leading to the rest of the World about Arab-Israeli conflicts. We witnessed an unprecedented diplomatic success of Turkey during the last African diplomatic visit of President Erdogan and Sudan allocated an island, Sevakin, which has symbolic and strategic importance for Turkey.

Lastly, how are these successes carried out? The answer is so simple: By changing the existing paradigm and adopting a rational policy which was reshaped by the realities of the new period, the priorities are clarified, strong and coherent strategies have been adopted, and most importantly Turkey knows her own strength from this time forth.

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