Young Muslim America: Faith, Community, and Belonging

A new book by author Muna Ali, published this February sheds light on Muslim lives in the U.S.

The book entitled, “Young Muslim America: Faith, Community and Belonging” discuses the life of young Muslim Americans who posses dual heritage.

It explores young Americans of various backgrounds- those whose parents may have converted to Islam or those who might be American born descendants to Muslim immigrant families.

The book is based on an ethnographic study and presents itself using four dominant narratives that appear in discussions about Muslims.

The differences between cultures is one of the most important narratives discussed in the book, as it causes identity crisis among young American Muslims due to the large differences enduring between  Islamic and Western heritages.

The author explains the worry Americans face to the possibility of young Muslims prevailing in the country resulting in the so called “Islamization of America.”

The author also discusses the ways in which younger Muslims act and what they feel about their Islamic identity in America.

Muna Ali is a Muslim American anthropologist and a visiting researcher at the School of Human Evolution and Social Change at Arizona State University.

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