Anti-Muslim graffiti spray-painted on garage of Muslim family’s home

Neighbours say the man has lived in Ypsilanti Township for more than three years and they never saw any issues with him.

By Bassel Barakat

An Arab-American man who has lived in Ypsilanti Township, Michigan for many years, found racial slur painted on his garage when he woke up in Thursday.

The man said he noticed “sand [n-word]” spray-painted on the door of the garage at his home on Blue Jay Drive when he woke up at around 5:30 a.m. he painted over the words.

“It’s kind of shocking, especially in a neighborhood like this. It’s a pretty diverse neighborhood as it is,” neighbor Randy Kendrick said.

Neighbours said the man has lived in Ypsilanti Township for more than three years and they never saw any issues with him.

“It’s tragic and sad [that] people stoop this low just because someone else is different,” neighbor Marvin Wright said.

According to Washtenaw County Sheriff’s deputies, it is believed that the vandal or vandals spray-painted the slur after midnight.

In a related context, An unidentified man spray-painted a racial slur on a taxi company owned by Muslim immigrant in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

The racist graffiti which was found on the garage of Bullet Cab, used as a derogatory way to describe people from Middle East with the owner’s name.

The graffiti read “Sand [N-word] Mike.”

Mian “Mike” Ahmad, the owner of Bullet Cab, moved to Wisconsin from Pakistan 20 years ago.

Ahmad was notified to the graffiti on Wednesday morning by Linda Devenport, Bullet Cab’s general manager, who said that she was sick to her stomach seeing the graffiti and considers it as a hate crime.

“It makes me lose confidence in La Crosse,” said Linda Devenport.

La Crosse Police Department is investigating the incident as a hate crime after the department responded to a complaint on Feb. 6.

Moreover, People in La Crosse rallied to show their support to
Mian “Mike” Ahmad, who is a Muslim and the owner of Linda Devenport. University of Wisconsin- La Crosse Campus climate hosted the event called

“La Crosse Interfaith Shoulder to Shoulder Network”, One Community One Family – Hate Has No Business Here at the Bullet Cab company.

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