Hate crime investigated in UK as Gang storm home attack 5 foreigners


By Bassel Barakat

A gang has stormed a house in Newtownabbey, North Ireland and bear five Romanian people.

The incident which is being investigated by police as a hate crime left one man hospitalized.

A woman who spoke anonymously to BBC described the incident that took place Sunday night, as a “carnage” and “horrific”.

“When I went in, every window was smashed, the house was wrecked. The bathroom and toilet had been kicked in, there was blood everywhere, glass everywhere and wee teenage boys were upstairs in the back room, really really frightened,” she said.

She went on saying that a man in late 20s was lying on the floor severely injured in the head.

The gang beat the five people with baseball bats.

“He had a dislocated or broken shoulder. It looked like a bullet or stab wound to his shoulder. His head was bleeding very badly. He was crying and really in shock,” she said.

Commenting on the incident, SDLP councillor Noreen McClelland said “Under no uncertain terms can such a brutal attack be justified.”

“There is no place for violence in our society and those who are responsible for this assault must face the full force of the law,” she added.

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