Jacksonville man accused of threatening violence against Muslims, women and children

The man served in the U.S. army for a year in Kuwait while he broke down mentally.

Nicholas Roundtree

By Bassel Barakat

A 32-year-old Jacksonville man has been arrested and charged with a felony for posting dozens of posts on Twitter along with videos threatening to kill Muslims, women and children, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s office.

Nicholas Roundtree was arrested Dec. 13 after the Jacksonville Sheriff’s office investigated tweets on his Twitter account saying: “I intend to kill American woman[sic] at the market, I intend to kill American children as they play, I intend to kill Muslims as they pray, I love to kill,” according to his arrest report.

According to Defense attorney, Roundtree is Army veteran who has a history of mental health issues and was Baker acted acout a month prior to this investigation, the First Coast News reported.

According to the arrest report, he could see where the message could be perceived as a threat, but he never intended to carry it out.

“He was arguing with them over the phone and yelling and screaming, ‘Well this is what your motto says and it is on your website.’ Speaking, repeating their motto. Their motto says, ‘I am going to kill children in the schoolyard and women on the street,'” Roundtree’s father, Lon said.

The father said that his son served in the U.S. army for a year in Kuwait while he broke down mentally.

“We have tried over the years to get him somebody, to get him help, but it’s not easy,” Lon Roundtree said, adding he doesn’t believe his son would ever seriously hurt anyone.

Roundtree is held on $75,000 bond . His attorney argued that the bond should be reduced because he is a veteran and has mental issues. Meanwhile, Judge Mark Borello denied the request.


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