Jewish Republican accused Ilhan Omar of anti-semitism

An unidentified man called Zeldin “you people” “maggots” and animals,” refering to Jews and the support of U.S. towards Israel.

New York Rep. Lee Zeldin accused Minnesota Rep, Ilhan Omar

By Bassel Barakat

New York Rep. Lee Zeldin accused Minnesota Rep, Ilhan Omar of anti-semitism over a Twitter spat between them.

The heated Twitter exchange began when Omar, who is a Muslim, invited Zeldin, who is a Jewish, to to argue the religious discrimination issue and how to fight it. Omar invited her counterpart to meet with her in her office “over Somali tea.”

Everything was fine until Zeldin requested Omar to hear a voice mail sent to him by anonymous man who “Hitler would have done his … job.”

The unidentified man called Zeldin “you people” “maggots” and animals,” referring to Jews and the U.S. support for Israel. Moreover, the man told Zeldin to stop accusing people of anti-Semitism while telling him “you’re worse than Hitler.”

Zeldin questioned Omar whether she agree with everything the man said in the voice mail.

“This new VM just came into my office,” Zeldin wrote in a tweet that tagged Omar on Thursday. “This is just another day in my world as an American Jew in Congress. Would love to know what part of this hate filled, anti-Semitic rant you disagree with?”

Previously, Omar described the voice mail as a ““heinous and hateful” however, her office is “flooded with bigoted voicemails and calls every day. Maybe we could meet and share notes on how to fight religious discrimination of all kinds? Maybe over Somali tea, in your old office which I happen to be in now.”

No further information was given by the offices of Omar and Zeldin whether both would actually meet or not.

Last Tuesday, Zeldin criticized Omar in the same way.
“Was just selected as Ranking Member of the [House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations]!” he wrote. And then: “Just learned Freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar was also put on this committee w oversight of US foreign policy. Crazy to watch what House Dems are empowering/elevating.”

Furthermore, Omar stated to CNN that she didn’t know how her comments would be offensive to Jewish Americans and that she was “clearly speaking about the way the Israeli regimes was conducting itself” during the Gaza conflict.

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