Local school board member to resign over controversial Facebook post

The Facebook share has been criticized as being anti-Muslim.

By Bassel Barakat

A local school board member who’s facing backlash over anti-Muslim Facebook post is resigning.

Brian Wisniewski, a Plum school board member, shared a post from an account shows a man holding a gun along with the American flag, including a backdrop with these words: “Does it worry anybody that we have three devout Muslims in Congress who have unlimited access to our TOP SECRET GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS?”

Wisniewski claims that he accidentally shared the post.

“It was an accidental share. It was not shared intentionally. I do not agree with the repost. The post was made on my personal account. I take ownership and full responsibility for all questions that are being made,” Wisniewski told Channel 11.

Plum school board members have planned a meeting on Saturday to confirm the resignation of Wisniewski.

“This specific meme was shared in succession with other varying topic memes that I shared,” he said in a prepared statement. “I do not agree with the post.”

Furthermore, the NAACP Allegheny East Branch called for the resignation of Wisniewski over the post.

“The Allegheny East NAACP found (Brian Wisniewski’s) share on Facebook absolutely offensive and unacceptable. His claim that it was an accidental share does not excuse the very racist statement made by the originator of the post,” said Kenneth Huston, president of the chapter, in a news release issued Thursday.


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