Miami police sergeant suspended after tossing a Jewish holy book

A police sergeant in Miami was suspended Friday because of a video that shows him tossing a Jewish holy book and a box engraved with a Star of David into the back of a truck and calling it “crap.”

In the video, the sergeant appeared recording himself and could be heard saying expletives about the religious book. “We don’t need this either man,” the sergeant said. “Taking out the trash, dog” Furthermore, in a statement, the chief of the Miami Police Department commented on the incident calling the video “disturbing” and said that the police sergeant had been suspended.

“The books were contaminated due to the mold and termites,” the statement said.

“The actions of this employee were found to be inconsistent with the mission and values of our department,” Chief Jorge R. Colina said. “I would like to reassure our citizens of all faiths that we stand in solidarity with them.”

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