Muslim family’s home sprayed with racial slurs in Kansas City


A Muslim family found racial slurs spray-painted and arson inside their home late Tuesday.

The family arrived at their home in the evening to find fire trucks summoned in front of their home.

The N-word was sprayed at least twice in the house which indicate a hate crime, while the staircase was on fire.Three months ago the family moved into a subdivision near Barry Road and Hickory Roads in the Northland.

“It’s been cold so we just go to work and back. We haven’t been outside a lot. We wave back and forth with the neighbors,” the family told 41 Action News requesting anonymity since the police has yet to identify the suspect responsible for the incident.

“We have come too far for this. It’s sad to know people could be this evil,” said the woman who and her husband are Muslims.

She voiced her disappointment on whoever disgrace the mighty Allah.As a Muslim Family, they want to see all people live together in peace.

The Kansas City Police Bomb and Arson Unit launched an investigation on the incident.
“We see so much going on in the world. So much hate. It just needs to end,” said the victims.