Police investigates Islomphobic posters at Ottawa University

By Bassel Barakat

Police has launched an investigation into an incident of posters promoting hate and Islamophobia at University of Ottawa.

Posters have been distributed on the campus listing Adolf Hitler and prophet Muhammad and mentioning similarities and differences, Fulcrum reported on Monday.

The posters resembled both figures as “both hated Jews and ordered their massacre.”
On Nov. 30, the university sent an email notifying students about the distributed posters and contact Ottawa Police Service that launched an investigation into the incident.

University of Ottawa said in an email to Fulcrum that it ” values and encourages freedom of expression, freedom of religion and full equality,” and is “committed to creating and maintaining a learning environment that promotes dignity and respect for all.”

Posters now have to be stamped approved by Community Life Service.

“In regard to sensitive matters that have been brought up, we invite university students to exercise their academic rigorousity and critical thinking that they learn in class beyond the classrooms,” the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa said in a December statement on Facebook.

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