“Unaccompanied” women allowed tickets only for the family seats

Saudi Arabia bans unaccompanied women attending the Italian Super Cup from buying anything other than tickets in the family section.

By Sohaila Barghash

The cup will be held on the 16th of January in the capital Riyadh, where Italian football clubs Juventus and AC Milan will be competing.

Attending women are only allowed to buy tickets in the family section whereas men can sit alone.

The Italian football league announced the news that was followed with outrage in Italy.

Fans and officials alike have urged the players not to attend, saying it was unacceptable for Italian football to turn a blind eye to such discrimination.

Human rights group Amnesty International has also expressed opposition to the football match being played in Saudi Arabia.

Serie A president, Gaetano Micciche, said “We are working to ensure that in the next games that we play in the country, women can access all the stadium seats.”

He argued that Saudi women attending the game will constitute a “historic first”.

Saudi women were able to attend the first football game on October 2017.

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