American artist Della Miles attends Iftar in Istanbul

Famous American songwriter and vocalist Della Miles, who did backup singing for artists like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, joined an Iftar in Bagcilar, Istanbul on Thursday, where she expressed her admiration of Turkey and its people.


Della Miles

By Sohaila Barghash

Miles has said that this was her first Iftar among a large group of people, adding that although she has travelled the world, no community was as warm as the one in Turkey.

The American artist has moved to Turkey last year, and converted to Islam in March in Istanbul after the New Zealand mosque massacre, which killed 50 people.

Miles was very excited to spend her first Ramadan in Turkey, a country she admires and respects. Right before Iftar, she spent time taking pictures with children and families who exchange the same feelings towards her.

The Mayor of Bağcılar Municipality Lokman Çağrıcı thanked Della Miles for joining the Iftar gathering and said that the month of Ramadan is one of mercy and forgiveness and that what is important in Ramadan is to live in peace.

On her behalf, Della Miles said she got emotional participating in such beautiful event.

In mid-April, Miles has started a campaign aiming to support the Turkish lira, during which she announced that she would charge all her concerts in Turkish liras instead of U.S. dollars and urged her fellow artists to do the same.

“We should put a determined stance forward to give the Turkish lira, one of Turkey’s most important values, the respect and value it deserves,” she said.

Additionally, throughout her concerts in Germany, France and Belgium as part of her European Tour, Miles promoted Turkey saying, “Trust me, Turkey is a great country”.

In an interview in March, Miles has said that Islam is a religion of love and tolerance, adding that she was very happy to adopt the faith of prophet Mohamed, a man who does not harm a cat, and that she was very grateful that God has rewarded her with Islam on the best of her days.

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