Erdogan: AK Party with alliance partner winner of local polls

Turkish president says his ruling AK Party emerges top party from local polls

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said his Justice and Development (AK) Party emerged the first party together with their alliance partner from Sunday's local elections.

"We came the first along with MHP on basis of alliances," Erdogan said, referring to his party's alliance with the Nationalist Movement Party, the People's Alliance, which got 51.93 percent of the votes overall.

He said Turkey has completed March 31 local elections with democratic maturity, saying, "Our nation once again reflected its will on the ballot box, with high rates of participation."

Voter turnout in Sunday's polls is over 83 percent.

AK Party garnered 45.46 percent of all ballots cast as 82.22 percent of all ballots were counted by the time Erdogan spoke in Istanbul.

"AK Party becomes the winner as it has always been since Nov. 3, 2002 elections when it won for the first time," he said.

He said next elections in Turkey would be held in June 2023.

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