An African American sues Walmart for Racial Discrimination. 

Essie Grundy, a resident from Southern California filed a law suit against Walmart alleging racial discrimination.

Ms. Grundy explained that it was in early January when she went to the Walmart in Perris to buy a body lotion by Cantu and noticed that all products “targeted at African-Americans” were locked in a glass case, “from the middle of the hallway to the end”, local media reported.

Ms. Grundy said on her second visit she asked to speak to a supervisor to question the reasoning behind locked products and was informed that the decision came from a security policy set by corporate headquarters and that there was nothing the employees at the location could do about it.

Her third visit, as Ms. Grundy continues to describe was her wanting to buy comb costing 48cents and was told she needs to pay for it first at the register before taking it.

“I felt that I was being treated as a person who might be a thief.” Grundy said on a press conference on Friday.  Gloria Allred, her lawyer filed the law suit and is claiming 4000$ as damages to be paid to Ms. Grundy, according to New York Times.

Walmart spokesman responded to the accusation, saying that the company does not accept racial discrimination of any kind, in a statement to Newsweek.

The store’s statement via ABC7 said “those determinations are made on a store-by-store basis.” While we’ve yet to review a complaint, we take this situation seriously and look forward to addressing it with the court,” added the retailer.

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