Houthi drone attack on Yemeni military base kills several soldiers

Attack on southern al-Anad military base exploded over a podium where officials were watching a military parade, leading to injuries and the killing of some soldiers.

By Sohaila Barghash

A Houthi drone attacked a Yemeni government base and has reportedly killed at least six soldiers and injured several military personnel, including army chief of staff.

A Houthi-run TV channel said the attack targeted at the military bases in Lahj province on Thursday aimed at personnel from the Saudi-UAE led coalition backing the government.

Adding, the attack targeted “the leadership of the invaders”.

Based on an infographic on the Houthi’s official Telegram channel, there are claims that they possess five different drone models.

The attack took place a day after the UN envoy to Yemen said the conflicting parties are seeking a ceasefire, which was agreed upon last month around the Red Sea port of Hudaydah.

However, there has been tensions over how to implement the UN-sponsored peace deal. Especially in regard of who is to control Hodeidah after the troop withdrawal

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