Israel forcibly evacuated Palestinian family in Jerusalem’s Old City to replace them with settlers

On Sunday, Israeli police forced a Palestinian family to evacuate their home in the Old City of occupied East Jerusalem, which was immediately occupied by a group of Israeli settlers.

By Sohaila Barghash

Abu Asab’s family lived in the Muslim Quarter of the city, and were given an eviction notice by the Israeli Supreme Court, ordering them to empty the property by February 28th.

The court had ruled earlier that Jewish settlers were the “rightful owners” of the property, according to the pretext that Jewish residents lived in the home pre-1948.

A claim that has no historical basis, neither is a reason to taking away one’s property and give it another.

In a video showing the eviction, Israeli forces were assaulting members of the Abu Asab family as they forced them out of their home.

Palestinian residents of the house, were seen weeping as settlers started hanging Israeli flags over the house and locked the front door in front of the actual owners.

As they weeped, they cried: “It’s my house, it’s my whole life... They took everything.”

According to local sources, the family was taken out before being able to clear the house of their furniture and possessions.

Sources also added that two men of the Abu Asab family were arrested by Israeli police amid their evacuation.

According to settlement watchdog Peace Now, the family is originally from the Baq’a neighborhood of southern Jerusalem, and were forced to leave during the Nakba in 1948.

Afterwards, in the 50’s, they relocated to the Muslim Quarter of the Old City.

In 1970, the Israeli Knesset enacted the Legal and Administrative Matters Law, which preserves the right for Jews to property assets formerly belonging to other Jews in East Jerusalem, however, the law did not apply on Palestinians who were forced out of their homes in the Nakba.

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