Pakistan’s Jamat e Islami pays homage to Morsi

Country's mainstream religious party says Muslim world has lost a true hero

Expressing sorrow and grief over martyrdom of Egypt’s first democratically elected President Mohamed Morsi, Jamat e Islami, the country’s mainstream religious party, said the Muslim world has lost a true hero.

In a statement, JI chief Senator Siraj-ul- Haq said Monday that Dr Morsi had refused to bow to dictatorship, and withdraw support to Palestinians’ freedom struggle, which were his only crimes.

“Dr Morsi stood tall in the face of all pressures aimed at forcing him to withdraw his struggle for fundamental rights of the people of Egypt and his support to Palestine,” Haq noted adding, “the dictatorial regime miserably failed to break his nerves.”

He announced that the party would hold funeral prayers in absentia for Dr Morsi across Pakistan on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Pakistani bloggers and activists took to the social media holding the Egyptian and Saudi governments responsible for Morsi’s death.

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